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Title: Solipsist
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Artist: thecanary
Genre: Electronica: Techno
Reviewed by: Space Walk on September 03, 2007 (All reviews by Space Walk)

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1Overall Description
Deep, dark and dunk track, that at a velocity close to the speed of light this underground tune starts to kick. elements like attack and panic give this music an atmosphere like the new "Aston martin" with a supercharged V8. The music is running so fast it looks almost black and white.

The music runs pretty much at the same engine and structure during its duration and doesn't change shape much, still it's not repetitive. Heavy lines of drum set and bass support the tune at all time making this fast music even hard and solid.

I liked those claps in the tune as well, they give music "sections" like the train cars. another enjoyable part is the "jumpy" hi-hats but i also missed some neat close hats.

The music maybe not categorized as dance but without doubt an indicator of speed and underground. Almost something screaming for the pulverized synthetics ;o) A download is recommended.
2Creativity Description
How creative is this piece...

Is it original... except that no one has ever done this very track, hmmm the music has been done millions of times "considering the genre" so this piece is original yes, but the music no.

Is it interesting to listen to: I'd say without doubt, the hard nature of the music, the heavy structure a of this tune make it sound like the space ship that just took of, and as a listener you'll be traveling with it at the speed of light.

Is it repetitive and dull... repetitive it is, but in a good manner. Even though music sound the same during this 06:57 min it's fresh at all time.
3Arrangement Description
I find the arrangements good and in order. the different sample do co-operate just fine, and they are balanced too.

What i missed though was perhaps a mid section where the music gives a longer break and strings are flown in. Maybe even a section with some vocal "I'd prefer a groove male voice considering the speed of the music". A few more melodic bodies would do just fine too.
4Sound Quality Description
WoooW i have absolutely nothing to say here except that great work dude. You have the optimal and the ideal ear for sound qualities.

This part has nothing to do with a quality of samples, it's simply an idea... try to make a remix of your tune using some percussion progression in it, see how it ends up.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
I really don't know what I'm supposed to say here. As a fan for this genre of musics i find this music lovely. For me it works 2 times as a piece of music.

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