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Title: Æther
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Artist: secondhour
Genre: Other: Other
Reviewed by: Tyr on September 22, 2007 (All reviews by Tyr)



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1Overall Description
Cool usage of the Icelandic letter Æ in the name :D, for funs sake I can tell you that that "name" is actually pronounced like "either", Æ is pronounced like I in "I love big tits"

Well, to the song very nice chillout vibe. Had some problems with it though so I couldn't give a 5
2Creativity Description
Creative it is. Not sounding repeatative or dull at all. Nicely developed progressions.
3Arrangement Description
Very nice arrangement, no comments there really.
4Sound Quality Description
That reverbed "pop" got a bit on my nerves, a bit too "sharp" for a nicely sounding piece like this. Overall problems I saw with the song were mostly reverb related. A tad too much IMO guys.

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