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Title: Light Beams from Water Drops
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Artist: Error303
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: VOiD on June 27, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Beautiful atmospheric track with a bouncy rhythm and uplifting atmosphere. Attractive production values and pristine sound quality are obvious highlights of this song, which belong in every ambient/chillout fans' collection. A slight lack of variation means that I'm only awarding 4 stars to this one, but it's a close call.
2Creativity Description
The rhythm track shows creative use of "exotic" percussion, and is well worth an attentive listen. It does, however, become slightly overused in the duration of this piece and could have done with some variation. The main melody line also wears a bit thin after a number of repeats, however well thought up it might be.
3Artistic License Description
The artist obviously has a good grasp of the genre, and uses it to full effect.
4Arrangement Description
Very well arranged, and the piece ebbs and flows quite nicely. I am left with a feeling that slightly more variation could have lifted this song that extra notch. Gripes aside, this is a very polished and professional sounding piece the likes of which are easily found on commercial releases.
5Sound Quality Description
Brilliant work on EQ'ing and mastering here. Along with good use of panning and stereo width this makes for a lush, crisp and very enjoyable soundscape.

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