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Title: In The Park
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Artist: noahcohn
Genre: Other: Experimental
Reviewed by: VOiD on June 27, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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noahcohn gave VOiD positive feedback for this review.
VOiD responded: Well, it's never too late to finish a track! :)



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1Overall Description
Short classical piece that features some interesting melodic movement and quite complex instrumental interplay, but is marred by poor production value and a very abrupt ending.
2Creativity Description
The song features some nice ideas, and there is real potential here - I'm particularily impressed with the cello/woodwind interplay, and a couple of piano trills towards the end are a nice touch. However, very little of the melody ends up being particularily memorable.
3Arrangement Description
Having a song just stop instead of working out a decent ending is bound to be a major flaw in any song, and more so when the song already is too short. The tempo shift about midway through, though, is quite nicely executed.
4Sound Quality Description
Decent enough sample quality, but it ends up sounding too much like general midi. There is little or no change in volume in any of the instruments throughout, and the song as a whole suffers because of this.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
This could work as a piece of music if more detail work was done on each instrument. Also, the song is begging for an actual ending. As it is, it sounds like an unfinished demo that was quickly put together. But it has potential.

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