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Title: Chase
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Artist: ST Arts
Genre: Electronica: Dance
Reviewed by: slammy on December 02, 2007 (All reviews by slammy)

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ST Arts gave slammy positive feedback for this review.
slammy responded: Thanks, great tune! :)



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1Overall Description
At first, I thought this was gonna be another average cheesepop dance track, but I made sure I kept listening, because this is ST Arts afterall - and 'average' isn't in his vocabulary. At :35 is where the track came right to life for me... with a quick CHASE vocal, a change in the bassline, and suddenly the whole picture became clear... This track kicks some serious behind!.
2Creativity Description
While the offerings by ST Arts blew me away, I wanted the leads to go even more crazy than they are already...There was just not enough of them and not quite going as insane as I would have liked... Other than that though, the concept of the tune was extremely well executed for sure... perhaps too many times it used the CHASE vocal....
3Arrangement Description
When I first started listening to the track, I thought that there was more run of the mill dance cheese happening, but after 35 seconds were on the clock, and the vocal broke everything down, and in dropped the second bassline, I was floored. Timing was perfect, and pretty much thats how the rest of the tune went, with great timings for the transitions, but I feel the vocals were sometimes over used.
4Sound Quality Description
As always, excellent mixing by ST Arts, great set of ears he has, as every element seems balanced perfectly, but not just that, the clarity of each element is perfect. The bassline struck me hard, while the other elements fitted together like perfectly tailored gloves :)
5Vocals Description
While the quality is good and very fitting to the track, at time they were simply over used.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
It simply wasn't long enough - that can be a good thing or bad thing... In fairness, I think if it had been longer, it might have ruined the whole 'urgentness' of the chase, as it where, however, I didn't want it to be over - so I played it again.. and again...
Dec 03 2007 2:37 am
by ST Arts

Thanks very much Slammy! This is a bit older song that I remixed... vocals are overused yes, I agree. Also a bit harsh sounding these vocals.