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Title: S.T.F.U.
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Artist: slammy
Genre: Electronica: Rave
Reviewed by: Dreambliss on December 04, 2007 (All reviews by Dreambliss)

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slammy gave Dreambliss positive feedback for this review.
Dreambliss responded: It's my pleasure. You are very welcome!



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1Overall Description
S.T.F.U. is a delightful house/dance track with a flowing rhythm and very nice and catchy melody. The vocals are hilarious and fit the song well. This tune creative and put together very well, and if you don't S.T.F.U. and listen, you will certainly be missing out on a great tune!
2Creativity Description
This tune certainly contains creativity... the artist put his heart (or anger rather!) into this song and it shows. This song combines a sense of humor and that need to get up and dance. I could see this song played at the clubs. The drum track is simple yet contains some level of complexity and it just absolutely fantastic. The song can be a little repetative after the 3:22 mark for a little while - but I believe this is just the nature of the genre.
3Arrangement Description
This song is arranged very well. I love the transitions - one of my favorite is at 0:35 after the STFU vox when everything drops out but the bass line and synth. I feel everything is balanced in this song. There is nothing that seems to "jump out of the mix" and there's nothing that gets muddled together either.

To my nit-picking here... I did notice some pops or clicks in the bass line when everything quiets down, particularly noticable around 0:37.
4Vocals Description
The vocals are excellent... they are absolutely hilarious and the quality is superb. I did notice at the beginning in between the "interested" and "in" at the 0:03 mark, there is a little "pooh" noise that was picked up by the microphone.

The vox are perfectly integrated with the music... without them, this song would still be a delightful snack, but it's the icing on the cake. I was actually hoping to hear more of them especially after the 3:22 mark... I was waiting for that big scream "S.T.F.U" to go panning from left to right - or vice versa.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
This most definitely works as a piece of music. It's a wonderful piece of art based off of humor. I certainly enjoyed this track and I hope others do as well.

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