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Title: S.T.F.U.
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Artist: slammy
Genre: Electronica: Rave
Reviewed by: Zan on December 14, 2007 (All reviews by Zan)

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1Overall Description
But really... Why don't you STFU!? Seriously. I can hear you through your loud computer typing.
Good chuckle track that has a very celebratory mood being bashed around while interlaced with the needed comments of shutting up. "STFU and dance" are the insinuated lyrics. Its implied by the continuous happy(?) beat that you shouldn't just shut up, but shut up and get down... at some discotheque.
So seriously. STFU!
2Creativity Description
The wit is nicely displayed. Telling you to STFU, but still not really caring if you do or not and that promotes the chuckle factor. However the track would of benefited greatly if we knew why we were to STFU through more lyrics then just dancing away. Maybe like a Saggat's "Funk Dat!" type of idea. I thought the joke could of been expanded upon, but whats there does work.
3Arrangement Description
As a dance piece, this song works great. Its extremely lively and mindful to keep a dance floor bumpin to Slammy's style. The synths are a nice touch to the pulsating beat and Slammy has some good dance ideas going on. I really enjoy the melody thats started up around 1:40. You can easily see that light show that would accompany this piece.
4Vocals Description
Could of been more, but whats there does help the chuckle factor.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
Its very solid.

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