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Title: Terrifying Fungus
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Artist: Cathedral of Failure
Genre: Alternative/Punk: Metal
Reviewed by: Ceekayed on January 03, 2008 (All reviews by Ceekayed)

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Cathedral of Failure gave Ceekayed positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
Congratulations, you've managed to make Ceekayed speechless. This track completely blew me away. Right from the intro I knew that this track would be worth my time. Awesome beats and really creepy atmosphere coupled with top-notch production makes this track a real killer. All it still needs is really nasty distorted vocals. 4,5 stars overall.
2Creativity Description
What really struck me as original is this piece is the usage of sfx, especially as the beat's backup. There's so much stuff happening while the song still sounds fairly simple. As for the style/atmosphere itself, it's been done countless times in movie and game soundtracks, though that doesn't reduce the enjoyability value of this particular song at all.
3Arrangement Description
Everything here is perfect, except for the fact that on the first listening the transition at ~3:30 really struck me as a bad one; I really was wating for a climax there instead of that piano part. As it is, the song lacks a proper climax - a part that really blows you away.
4Sound Quality Description
No comments here. I can't really judge the overall frequency balancing since my headphones aren't co-operating, and these stereo speakers pretty much suck. Everything sounds balanced even with these speakers though. I especially love the percussions, and the usage of sfx behind them.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
It works as background music. Some people may not be that keen on the repetitiveness of the song, or the fact that it has no real melodical content to speak of. But being a fan of both, repetitiveness and "slowly evolving" soundscapes, I really do love this.
Jan 03 2008 2:09 pm
by Din

And guitars. It wants some really crunchy guitars, too >:)