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Title: Insane Choir Guy - 'm0dified'
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Artist: slammy
Genre: Other: Humor
Reviewed by: John Marwin on June 27, 2007 (All reviews by John Marwin)

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1Overall Description
This track is filled with alot of melodic and joyous expressions of .. well, madness to put it frankly. The vocals are however the main attraction of this song, and the collaboration between m0d and Slammy works wondrous in this section. Only huge issue with this song is it's duration which limits it's potential severly.
2Creativity Description
This section does break some new ground with the combination of childrens lullaby, growling/laughing/snickering/coughing voices that mess about, and of course the false notes just thrown in for effect. Also, there's a bit of strange alterations in terms of percussion, since there's at first a trance esque part which then later on morphs into a speedcore rhytm.
(yes folks, I'm not making this up)

So yes, it is fairly creative, but I know that these two artists can (and hopefully) will do something more elaborate in the future, and that this was only the beginning of it all.
3Vocals Description
The vocals ARE the center piece of this song, and yes they are definently unique and one of their kind. Full points for creativity/ingenuity/insanity here.
4Does it work as a piece of music Description
I want to say "yes, it does work!" but really.. as it's fairly short it just makes one smile for a bit, but as the song is too short, it feels unfinished and in need of more elaboration on the makers part. However, for a quick laugh, mission IS certainly accomplished here!

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