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Title: The System Ate My Lunch
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Artist: Ceekayed
Genre: Electronica: Breakbeat/Breaks
Reviewed by: Zan on January 04, 2008 (All reviews by Zan)

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Ceekayed gave Zan positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
Brutal. This IDM inspired breakbeat horror show feeds strongly on a dark primal musical psyche that is rarely found in music, but when it's done right it's powerful. Ceekayed has done it right. Short bludgeoning and pulsating beats are expertly pushed out of the piece. The distortion adds a much wanted atmosphere of an apocalyptic dream. I hope Ceekayed experiments more with this sound in the future.
2Creativity Description
Extreme power clearly portrayed in this track and done so very effectively. This shortness of it works to the sudden extreme notion of this piece, but I am left feeling a lack of truly being engulfed by this noise (the only thing keeping it from a complete five) by the roughly two minute duration. You can easily visualize scenes of destruction; organic and mechanic alike.
3Sound Quality Description
Perfect for this piece. Top notch production. Could easily be found on something like Warp records.

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