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Title: Alien Invasion
Artist: Mad Alien
Genre: Electronica: Rave
Reviewed by: DrLol on January 09, 2008 (All reviews by DrLol)

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Mad Alien gave DrLol neutral feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
A traditional rave beat opens up this song, and it si followed up with a distorted sawlead sample. Though it may seem a little out of pitch I believe it works well with the song and is somewhat characteristical of the genre. From approximately 1:30 I sense the main melody, or the chorus if you will, enter into the song. This picks up after about 2 minutes, but I still feel a little cheated as more than 50% of the song is kind of a buildup phase. It works well as a piece of music, though a part of me feels like the song should have a more clear-cut focus towards a melody that puts its own recognizable mark on the song. Sadly that is not the case here, but that is not to say that the song wouldn't be an interesting listen to fans of the rave genre. To me though, it just didn't do quite enough.

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