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Title: From Coast To Coast
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Artist: Dr.Future
Genre: Rock/Pop: Pop
Reviewed by: DrLol on January 09, 2008 (All reviews by DrLol)

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1Overall Description
The introduction of this song reminds me a little of the theme music from Twin Peaks (TV series), which kind of put me in a mood expecting more, and the surprise was big when it involved into a mix betweek pop/rock and an electronic dance tune. It was also nice to find a song on TiS that features vocals, and though the quality of the singing isn't the greatest it's a good attempt. The general feel of the song is that it is something that could've been competing in the Eurovision song context (annual music contest between european countries shown on TV). Towards the end the song becomes a bit repetitive, but the refrain is catchy enough to be worth hearing more than twice.

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