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Title: Sigh of Excitement
Artist: roncli
Genre: Rock/Pop: Pop
Reviewed by: Space Walk on January 24, 2008 (All reviews by Space Walk)

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1Overall Description
If you believe that even different music instruments speaking to each other, then you won't have hard time understanding this song. What's going on in here is that sax and trumpet are having a conversation.

The whole structure of the song spins around the chords of electric piano, which sound majestic and fills the background as well as directs the whole song in shape and form. The bass is very deep but low, almost inaudible yet you feel its presence.

At the peak of the conversation, a light but delightful string is heard which at the heat of the tune follows the conversation, giving it a calm aspect and a emotive perspective. The drum works and mainly snare is absolutely beautiful hitting hard and fast yet sounds slow-motion and fills every gap. The fact that the snare follows its own rule of velocity and not the tune in general gives the song a new dimension and brings intensity to the conversation.

The saxophone is incredible and emotive. The impressions I get from both instruments are that while the sax speaks of emotions and the trumpet of love. While the whole music is very expressive and speaks of the heart and mind of the artist, still all chosen instruments in this song are romantic ones, which to me is an indication of that the artist believes that true power is in love, feelings and emotions rather than materials.

From a technical approach, I honestly can't say much but to praise this tune. Worth mentioning is that i love the small small details that artist has payed attention to, which have made the song beautiful, rich and soulful.
For example between 02:35 till 02:50... while strings is played in background the sax plays from 02:35 till 02:40 where it gives place to the trumpet which plays till 02:45 and then stops, what is left is only the strings which fades out at 02:50. The small details in time clicks and the "leading outs" by the background sounds, makes even those background sounds not only audible but even brings them in focus which has made this song to truly stand out Absolutely beautiful work.

The real spice comes however in the last part. Almost when 40 seconds are left till the end is where you feel the "love in the air" as the sax starts to scream and the amount of vibrato increases in trumpet. The whole sound gets more intense and the song reaches a peak point. Wonderful I say. Now get busy downloading. It's worth the while believe me.
2Arrangement Description
The arrangements are solid and tight. The conversation between both blown instruments is obvious. While the music is being both emotive and expressive, it's at the same time modern and sounds complete. I love the simplicity in the song which has kept it clean and interesting. No fancy effects nor any "too much spice" crap, just music with soul and spirit. The only issue is that I think some of the crashes could be placed better to indicate the peaks of the song and bring them more in focus. Other than that flawless in both terms of structure and arrangements.
3Sound Quality Description
I don't have the ideal and optimal ear for sound quality. What I hear here is one of the best I've ever heard.

No instrument is out of tune, instead they have been chosen wisely and with care.
Jan 24 2008 12:09 pm
by slammy

excellent review!. excellent track!. Pie anyone?