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Title: Watching a Deep Blue Ocean
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Artist: Analysis
Genre: Electronica: Trance
Reviewed by: Novus on January 25, 2008 (All reviews by Novus)

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Analysis gave Novus positive feedback for this review.
Novus responded: My pleasure. :)



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1Overall Description
Analysis hits all the right notes with this smoothly minimalistic trance piece. The atmosphere is the focus of the song here, and Analysis absolutely nails it. Every instrument, every note, every beat, every sound contributes to a general feeling of graceful beauty and quiet power. That's not to say that he skimped on the music either. The beats are creatively and intricately arranged, with a standard four-to-the-floor bass thump setting the foundation for an interesting array of off-kilter and off-rhythm clicks and hihats. Floating over the top of this is a hypnotic and ethereal synth line and soft pad chords. The progressions and the melody are both simple and don't bring much variation, but it never gets repetitive, thanks to the way Analysis takes all of these different simple elements and weaves them in and out of the song in as many different combinations as possible. More development of the melody and chords could've made this an absolute home run, but Analysis still has a hit here. Grab it!

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