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Title: Skin
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Artist: Zan
Genre: Urban/Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop/Rap
Reviewed by: Ceekayed on February 13, 2008 (All reviews by Ceekayed)

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1Overall Description
Ok, so I clicked the download link and chose "play in winamp", forgot that this song was downloading and started listening to Shpongleyes by Shpongle, and once the song had downloaded and started playing, wondered that who the **** has remixed my Shpongle songs. This, as usual in my reviews, is completely unrelated to the actual review. But I must say that the songs blended pretty well together. Having said that we can move on to the actual review: I kinda like this song by Zan without having to listen Shpongle at the same time. The song in question is a pretty atmospheric, trippy and horror'ish.. err, hiphop (?!) song with a laid back beat, strings, a repetitive bassline and waaay too silent vocals. As a whole it works, but barely - bringing those vocals up, aswell as a better production, would do wonders to this piece. However, the song has alot of potential; I especially loved the sinister string chords on the background, and the basses work very well too. A weak 3 stars.
2Sound Quality Description
I do not know if the muffled sound of the song (mainly the percussions) is intentional or not, but it really makes the song sound like it was very quickly made without putting much thought to the sounds used. However, the little I can hear from the strings they sound very good. But what really brings the score down here is the recording and mixing of the vocals. First of all, they're way too silent; I can't hear them well enough to figure out the words without looking at the lyrics. I can also tell that they've not been carefully recorded - the plosives and sibilants are way too loud, which indicates that the mic has been too close to the singer at the time of recording. While the loud s doesn't really bother all the loud p's and similar sounds really disturb this particular half-assed sound engineer.
However, as the vocals are mixed behind everything else, they don't affect the overall sound quality of the song so much - all the other elements work well enough.
3Vocals Description
See Sound Quality. The ideas are nice enough, and the vocals have potential, but the production of them is so bad that I'm *almost* hoping this song didn't have the vocals in the first place.

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