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Title: 140 días
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Artist: Likuid
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Soundtrack
Reviewed by: roncli on May 12, 2008 (All reviews by roncli)

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Likuid gave roncli positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
A track that's above average in sound quality, but woefully short on creativity and a cohesive arrangement. The song seems to drag on with an overly simplistic guitar melody and a piano that tries to help define the song, but gets lost in the arrangement.
2Creativity Description
It was hard to score this, because there was obviously a strong inspiration behind the song if you read the song's comments. However, what made me score the creativity extremely low was the fact that the piece gets repetitive and dull early on, and the artist adds nothing but a piano to drive any interest. The piano doesn't play anything distinctive enough to catch the listeners attention, and they get lost in the main, tired melody.
3Artistic License Description
It is rare to score creativity so low and artistic license so high, but the artist has managed to create almost an ambience here. It is hard to explain without listening, but the almost boring, repetitive riffs are played against a synth bass that provides the foundation for the ambience. If anything can save this song, it's the ambience and feeling created using this method.
4Arrangement Description
Overall, the arrangement's structure is very repetitive. Even the piano repeats itself after a while. However, the artist is paying attention to the individual notes. The piano is not played at the same velocity, and you can here some unquantization going on, giving the song a live feeling.
5Sound Quality Description
The instruments blend very well together here. The volume balance is nice, but the only thing I'd change is the soft distortion on the piano, that gave the piano the impression of being fake. Perhaps the distortion's a result of the sample the artist was using, in which case the piano would need to be entirely replaced. I also get the feeling that we're getting some compressed sound in places, especially on the percussion, which kind of works for this song, but the effect could also stand to be brought down a notch from noticable to unnoticable.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
Eh. Yes and no. Yes in the fact that it is a concept piece, but no in the fact that it is not something I'd want to listen to repeatedly due to the repetition that goes on here. The artist succeeded in creating feeling in this song, now all that's left is to add some variance to get listeners wanting to listen to the whole thing.
May 13 2008 12:11 pm
by Likuid

Thanks Roncli, you are right in almost everything...