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Title: Hamlet
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Artist: Daeran
Genre: Alternative/Punk: Gothic
Reviewed by: Taroeel on June 03, 2008 (All reviews by Taroeel)



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1Overall Description
Remember me? Hamlet. This is definitely the Shakespearian of Metal Music. The duality Male/Female vocals are here but not in over 80% of the music industry. You have a high standing but not on this point alone. Your music says more than any other Theatrical Metal I've ever heard. Are you sure ratings are only supposed to go to 5? ****** ****** ******! Not only Hamlet but this whole album is more than worth going to the record store for. Yet they are here by choice. If you've never heard them before I have also reviewed The Vanishing. You have got to hear that one as well.
2Creativity Description
The pentatonic scale is a great movement in guitar progression but there are no remembrances in the observance of this song. So to speak for the originality that should be a math. There are some trippy breaks. Like falling into a spiral of darkness or something. The outer darkness is a dragon with it's tale in it's mouth. -Michael Tsarion. But seriously, this is not like any other but once again, that is just the way this whole album is. You have to hear it. It's like 10 downloads. I have the whole thing burnt to a CD. It's a trip and a half.
3Artistic License Description
The audio clarity in the distortion gives it that rumbling crunch. The keyboard seems to be harmonically synchronized with the vocals. The base isn't just base, it is the kicking base type sound. If were tracked would have to be the highest quality sound font I can think of. Yes it pushes the limits. It breaks out of it's FFT cage. Way to free the beast man. Now we have to kill it. LOL... Someone will find there way up the charts after this one. Not! This puts my stuff to shameful despair.
4Arrangement Description
Operaic. Theatrical. Nothing short of a "fricken" miracle on spectroscopy. How? What demon manufactures your equipment? And where did you hide that contract with Satan? I'm on to you...
5Sound Quality Description
Ever seen one of those Bose commercials?... How they get a little plastic box the size of a couple packs of cigarettes to sound like a Orchestra. This is like a credit card that sounds like a THX Amphitheater! In fact you should make that the first track of your album. You know, Track zero! I'd buy it! Sh*t, I'd mass produce it for you! Mail Me on that note.
6Vocals Description
This is so perfect it practically made me puke! lol. Once again where did you hide the contract? You have a full album on the internet. I tried this venture and am still working on it a year later. No matter when I can just download yours. }:|#>
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
If you are presently listening to this song the question, "Does it work as a piece of music?" is kinda funny. But you know computers. No silly rabbit, command prompts are for kids. So if it's going to ask me a stupid question, it should get a stupid answer. "stupid Answer = Duh!"

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