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Title: Reka
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Artist: Viszlat
Genre: Other: Other
Reviewed by: VOiD on September 24, 2008 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Here is a gorgeous solo piano piece that hasn't received the attention it richly deserves. At the time of this review, this song has been available at Trax in Space for one year and two months, and during that time it has racked up a whopping total of... six plays and zero downloads. And I'm here to tell you, it's a crying shame! This certainly ranks among the very best pieces of music available at Trax in Space as per today, and deserves a wider audience.
2Creativity Description
It's obvious that the composer has a very comprehensive grasp of the piano, both in terms of technical nimbleness and in the ability to translate emotion into music through his instrument. While the piece itself is simple enough, there are small flourishes and embellishments here and there and a richness of expression that enormously enhances the listening experience. Considering that this is purely improvised - I'm actually lost for words.
3Artistic License Description
The composer manages to convey his feelings of longing in such a perfect fashion and with near-complete control of the instrument at hand. It is clearly a labour of love, and if the girl in question is half as beautiful and full of grace as this piece suggests, I'd like to meet her as well. ;)
4Arrangement Description
The piece flows with such an effortless grace and beauty that I find it hard to put my finger on anything. The melody swells and ebbs in all the right places, and is perfectly conceived and executed.
5Sound Quality Description
While the piano itself is presented with near-perfection - it's both spacious and airy yet still clean and crisp - there is a hiss present on the recording that detracts a little bit from the overall enjoyment of the softest parts.
Jul 31 2009 2:32 pm
by Viszlat

Thank you for your nice words, it was really nice to read that someone understood my music and felt what I wanted to say with this improvisation. You were nice again about the quality, unfortunately I don't have the right equipment for recording, though my digital piano is one of the bests. I don't do much recording, mostly I play for myself, 'cause this is the only way I can express my feelings and moods. But you took the time to write this review, so I'll upload another improvisation of mine. :) Again, thanks for your time and approach!