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Title: Given Up (Inspiration Edit)
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Artist: roncli
Genre: Rock/Pop: Rock
Reviewed by: T.Kuusniemi on October 01, 2008 (All reviews by T.Kuusniemi)



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1Overall Description
The overall feel is pretty nice. This is easily recognized as a light rock track, but not as your average everycrap track. There's something retro in the sound of this, maybe it's the synth sounds. I like the feel of this track.

The melodies are pleasant with their slightly sad feel.
2Arrangement Description
The biggest problems come with the arrangement and mixing. There's way too much bass in the mix and it muddles the rest of the sound pretty effectively as it drowns out the vocals, the synth and even the guitar at places. A cleaner mix would give this song a real boost.

There's enough varitation in the arrangement to keep the song alive and breathing. Still I can't help waiting for the moment the drums come in and get the song really rolling. Now the song keeps you waiting and waiting and waiting for that moment it chooses to start.
3Vocals Description
The vocals are laidback with enough emotion in them but not too much to make them sound "acted out".

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