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Title: Chilling in a Nebula
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Artist: mechanoflora
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: VOiD on October 07, 2008 (All reviews by VOiD)



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1Overall Description
So you've flown past the outer rings of Betelgeuse, you've delivered some mining equipment on a desolate planet orbiting Rigel, and now you've headed over to the Horsehead Nebula: it's time to set the ship on auto pilot for a while, lay back in your seat and just enjoy the scenery. Solid piece of chilled (!) ambient dronescape here, featuring lush, deep synth chords and a soft bass as the only real melodic elements. In mood and atmosphere this makes for a nice downtempo companion to Timewalker's mod file "Dawn", one of my old favourites from back in the day. The simple percussion, although designed not to take attention away from the general flow, end up as the least pleasing bit of this track, where the composer otherwise shows real talent in the chilled ambience/dronescape vein.
2Creativity Description
Plenty of subtle nuances and variations here and there, although in a 6 minute track there's always room for more variation. At this level of repetition and subtlety, it does plod on for a minute or two too long.
3Artistic License Description
All analysis and technical discussions aside, what really remains the highlight of this track for me is the mood that it creates. Title and music go hand in hand, and the end result is highly evocative.
4Arrangement Description
Even though most elements blend together nicely and create a great atmosphere, I'm not really impressed with some of the percussion elements. To my ears, they have a very general midi sound to them and end up sounding a bit flat and tacked on. While this doesn't detract significantly from the soundscape, there are places when I feel like they sounds somewhat out of place. I believe the track would benefit from more organic, or at least more organic-sounding percussion. That aside, this is very well arranged - there is elegant use of effects, and the bass and chords vary enough that it never gets close to boring.
5Sound Quality Description
There is no noticable hiss or pops/clicks, and good overall production value. Sound can get a little muddled at times, but nothing too serious.

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