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Title: Shuffle on down the Rhodes
Artist: trekkiejj
Genre: Jazz/Blues: Jazz
Reviewed by: VOiD on October 07, 2008 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Here is a great, no nonsense, thorougly funky piece of jazz-rock fusion in a simple four-piece band setup, with no extra frills or effects. It captures all the fun of a great band kicking back and jamming, and here lies both the song's main strength and its weakness: While there are plenty of great ideas on display, the song ultimately needs a stronger structure, especially during the opening and ending. As much as I would like to give this a perfect score - and boy would I like to - there are some issues that need to be adressed first, as described below.
2Creativity Description
There's plenty of hooks and licks on all instruments here, but the Rhodes work is particularily impressive throughout. I can't help but think that the song lacks a proper melody or lead. Some simultaneous runs on guitar and rhodes, for instance, might lift the song.
3Arrangement Description
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, a stronger structure is needed to take this song to the next level. It ends up sounding like an out-take from a band's album sessions; the typical song that comes out of a warm-up jam and doesn't make it to the album, but which is subsequently played on the road and shaped into a much stronger entity in time for the recording sessions to the next album. With a stronger and more defined opening and ending you're looking at 5 stars in this category.
4Sound Quality Description
Although each instrument sounds clean enough, there's a "boxed in" quality to them that means they never quite blend together. The drums are the worst offender, in my opinion, they sound almist tinny. It might be a good idea to do a premaster of each instrument before putting them together. A little bit of reverb in post-production would do wonders, as well.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
All small gripes aside, this is a funky ride through fusion rock territory, and makes for an extremely enjoyable listen.

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