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Title: To Be Frank
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Artist: edcowan1
Genre: Jazz/Blues: Jazz
Reviewed by: VOiD on October 09, 2008 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Some gorgerous electric piano chords and a wicked synth bass line starts off a two chord vamp in this smooth chillout track, and although the opening holds a lot of promise, the rest of the track doesn't quite deliver - mainly because of a lack of variation. The opening chords and bass line are repeated throughout the length of the song, unvaried, and although a two chord vamp can be enjoyable enough, three and a half minutes of it does drag on a little. More variation, both in terms of chord sequences and dynamics, would lift this track considerably. On a more positive note the vibe is very subdued and relaxed throughout, which is very fitting for the genre. The solo piano work is also very well done. The eastern samples suit the atmosphere very well; in fact, I wouldn't mind if there were more of them. The eastern percussion does sound a little bit tacked on, mainly because it has a slightly choppy quality that makes it sound like it's been stretched to fit the tempo of the song. But these are minor gripes. The composer does create a very nice atmosphere, and that, after all, is the main aim of any chillout track.

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