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Title: Alot of Cowboy fans here (The Anti-Bush tribute)
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Artist: Wiseman
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: John Marwin on June 28, 2007 (All reviews by John Marwin)



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1Overall Description
This is a definite antribute to mr Bush. And even thought the message is clear, the track doesn't really reach the heights it has the potential to reach.
It begins well with a few good leads and a nice bassline which is integrated into the drums suitably. However, the problem lies in that it's all it is in the end, it lacks evolution, which in the end becomes it's downfall.
2Creativity Description
The emphasis on creativity in this piece lies in the vocals, granted in some instances a few good scratching motions would have benefited the vocals to some extent. However as they are now, they work out very well.. especially since the artist chose to stitch them together in a funny way aswell. However, the rest of the song sort of just drones on and doesn't really introduce that many surprises for the listener, so on a whole scale.. it's ok, but needs more messing about for it to grapple a potential listener.
3Vocals Description
As previously mentioned, the vocals are the center of attention in this piece, and they work very well at making Bush express the negative emotions that the artist wants us to feel that he represents aswell. However, the only thing I miss is some scratching here, if it had been present, these vocals would have been PERFECT.
4Does it work as a piece of music Description
It works out fairly well as a piece of music, but it doesn't quite shine since the artist put a bit too much emphasis on messing about with the vocals. (which was a good move) And so he focused less on other aspects of the track.. which unfortunately shows as the song progresses in time.
So, the final verdict is "yes, it does work, but it has the potential to be so much more than this"

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