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Title: We're Not Stoppin'
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Artist: ejrolyat
Genre: Electronica: Trance
Reviewed by: qorealis on October 30, 2008 (All reviews by qorealis)

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ejrolyat gave qorealis positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
There are tracks out there that I expect to like. Then there are those that have a certain mysterious factor to them. Like a taste I can't quite place, I wouldn't have expected to like this but I keep going back to sample it again.
2Creativity Description
There's an element of The Postal Service to this.
There's also something familiar about the synth lead at 01:48 that I can't quite place. But in the blending of simple and spacious elements this track exudes a certain confident creativity.
3Arrangement Description
The track flows nicely. Each section lasts just long enough to make you reach for a change without becoming fatigued. The variety in the drums around the 01:04 mark helps keep the track feeling very organic.
4Sound Quality Description
The track is well mixed. Never crowded, but with a nice sparse feel to it.
5Vocals Description
Simple. Effective.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
If there's something that this track has in buckets, it's personality.
There's a kind of lazy confidence to it that keeps me coming back to try and find where it comes from. That I've yet to work it out just adds to the enjoyment.
Oct 31 2008 5:04 pm
by ejrolyat

Wow! I'm so glad you like it! And thank you so much for writing the review. This is the best response I've ever had to my music, you made me giddy. For this song I used a Korg X-50 Synth and my sequencer and audio software on my 1998 HP with windows 98, haha. I recorded the vocals with a computer mic. Thanks again for your interest.