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Title: Newest Techno
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Artist: PCChris
Genre: Electronica: Other
Reviewed by: Tin Can Boy on December 29, 2008 (All reviews by Tin Can Boy)

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1Overall Description
After so much debate over this track I feel the need to give it a more detailed review. Quite a happy little track that sounds much like the artists first attempt at creating something in this genre. Sounds a little bit like my first ever track, hehe :) I hate giving low rated reviews but I feel this track doesn't really come anywhere near to the level of music usually found on this site.
This track would probably work better as synthpop rather than techno, but would need a hell of a lot of work for it to sound good.
2Creativity Description
I liked The transpose effects a little but other than that theres nothing much creative about this piece. The beat is generic and flat. and there is no real variation on how the main synth sounds at all.
3Artistic License Description
This track doesn't really push any boundaries so to speak. The samples and sounds used are very generic sounding and don't really fit in well with each other.
4Arrangement Description
The progression of the track is quite ordinary, adding or changing something every 4 or 8 bars and the transitions although uninspired, do not sound out of place.
5Sound Quality Description
The sound quality is quite bad in this piece. The first time I listened on headphones and the lead synth really hurt my ears. Add to that a lack of punch in the drums and no real feel of dynamic range usually found in music like this.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
I don't really feel this track at all. Like I said before there is nothing really there that makes this piece stand out. The length of the track offers nothing here also. Sounds like the first draft of something created by a total beginner in this genre.
Mar 11 2009 3:36 pm
by Tin Can Boy

lol... i said probably twice :)

Mar 11 2009 3:19 pm
by Tin Can Boy replying to Spectra

So in what you are saying, every song/track that is played in key deserves some recognition no matter how badly arranged and produced it is? No matter how many people tell me this was a harsh review, I will stand by it... This is probably the worst track I have probably heard on TiS so far (no offense pc chris), and you ask why one star?

Mar 11 2009 12:53 pm
by Spectra

Mixed-quality review. You made some really good points on the flat beat and overly consistent sounding lead and use of overly standard (pre-packaged) software sample...I agree all of these are annoying and most people who listened to this would agree across the board that changing those would help a lot. ****************************** However some of the things you noted as wrong happen in virtually all songs (including great ones): adding or changing something every 4 or 8 bars is actually quite typical (for example Edzes' 5 star song "Remember This Day" does that a lot) Also, there were a lot of random opinions IE "This track would probably work better as synthpop rather than techno" and "transitions although uninspired" sound more like vague biases than anything else and need much elaboration to be useful, in my opinion. ******************************************* In general, I get the impression you genuinely know what you are talking about, but got on the common reviewer track of "if a few thing's in the track are terrible I must also rate everything else terribly and reserve the right to do so without saying why I think something is bad, in many cases". Hence the one star rating where 2 (and ideally perhaps 2.5 IE "under average and uninteresting but not un-musical/out-of-key") would have summarized your thoughts. If this is one star, then what are all the songs that are considerably worse than this with, say, a bunch of chords with notes that are out of key, instruments that are very out of tune, virtually no change (IE the entire song is one loop repeated), and/or so much noise you can't even make out the instruments clears? Since there is so much more that can go wrong with a song than what went wrong here, in my opinion, I'd say giving a one star is overstepping it.

Jan 05 2009 9:30 am
by Tricky replying to severchewie

Before you start getting people on their own words you do need to read properly. You never did, and now you are complaining about your own failure. Grow up!

Jan 03 2009 7:38 am
by severchewie replying to Tricky

But you dont even listen to the music dip shi!.I heard you say that to some one still have it saved.

Dec 31 2008 5:43 pm
by PCChris replying to Tin Can Boy

You're definitely right about limited software and resources! I have Fruity Loops edition with just the included plugins but I might try going out on the web and looking for some drum samples. I'm also starting to consider fixing this song, even though I don't really like to do so. Anyways, thanks again for the advice. I like that you took a look inside the FLP and gave specific pointers.

Dec 30 2008 9:17 am
by Tricky replying to severchewie

Not for you, buddy. I was just having a good chat with TCB. And he can handle my comments like a man (unlike you). So you don't need to interfere, unless you know what you are talking about. :P

Dec 30 2008 6:29 am
by severchewie replying to Tin Can Boy

Very good reveiw alot better than mine(hahaha). read my review,and the drama will make you lough.Thank you Tin Can.

Dec 30 2008 6:26 am
by severchewie replying to Tricky

Tricky shut up.

Dec 29 2008 4:14 pm
by Tin Can Boy

I'm glad you found the review useful at least in some way :) Getting dance/electronic music to sound right can be very hard at first especially if you have limited software/resources. I looked at your source file and saw a few things that could be bettered so i'll give you a tip or 2. First the lead synth. It just sounds too ear piercing, maybe slightly detuning the oscillators on the main 3osc synth a little and adding a few more FX can help calm it down a bit. As for the drums, we need a total change of samples! FL's own default samples sound pretty dull and lifeless, there are plenty of good free drum samples on the net. Just ask if you need pointing in the right direction.. Last of all there is no bass instrument... you need to put a bass of some kind in there somewhere for a fuller sound..

Dec 29 2008 3:23 pm
by PCChris

Whether the rating was harsh or not is up for debate, but I do find the comments in the review to be useful. I think it's probably better to receive a review with useful feedback and a low score rather than a review with almost no feedback and a high score (or even worse, a review with almost no feedback and a low score). I agree I probably stuck the track in the wrong genre. I'm never really sure where to put them I'm afraid, may try Synthpop like you suggested. Whether I deserved it or not, I am pleased that it got up there on the charts for a time. That is quite encouraging to a newer artist. I wouldn't consider myself a total beginner, having used FL Studio for several years, having a musical background, and taking music theory, but there is always more to learn! This track is rather old but I will try to incorporate the changes you suggested into future tracks (I don't care much for going back and revising).

Dec 29 2008 1:00 pm
by Tricky

You don't have to be so defensive. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine. And I was just thinking if the rating wasn't harsh. Still, don't misunderstand me, you have pointed out very clearly in your review what is not good about the track, and for that, you have my compliments. Perhaps I misunderstood you in my previous comment, if so, I apologize. I must say that the artist may not be happy with what you wrote there, but if he takes it well, I'm sure your comments will be helpful. About that is no doubt.

Dec 29 2008 12:36 pm
by Tin Can Boy

For the record, I was definitely not influenced by any other rating this track got.. My opinions are my own and I will not let others opinions sway my review. I know all music is subject to interpretation. This is why I make sure to only to review genre's I am very well acquainted with. The review standards here a quite lax, and most tracks on the whole site overrated by at least one star.. I feel I gave an adequate review and hopefully my comments to the artist will help quash any bad feelings he may have about the low rating.. :)

Dec 29 2008 12:04 pm
by Tricky

I'm not saying the track deserves 5 stars, but I think 2 or 3 would be more fair. Personally I never let my ratings be influences by what other raters/reviewers have given, but that's a personal choice, I guess...

Dec 29 2008 12:04 pm
by GMO

good review..

Dec 29 2008 10:57 am
by Tin Can Boy

I wouldn't say harsh. Given we only have 5 stars to rate this with it is all I can do to be fair to the other artists I have given reviews to. For instance De Vis's track http://www.traxinspace.com/song/40624 was much better than this but still deserved only 2 stars in my eyes. So to rate this track with 2 stars would be unfair to De Vis as I would be putting it on equal terms with his track which is substantially better.

Dec 29 2008 10:42 am
by Tricky

The ratings appears a bit harsh to me, however I do understand your points in your review as you explain your issues well.