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Title: Go Back ( Journey )
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Artist: Mad Alien
Genre: Electronica: Trance
Reviewed by: Exhale on January 21, 2009 (All reviews by Exhale)

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Mad Alien gave Exhale positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
It's a plesant piece of music, fun and airy, but a little too repetative.
2Creativity Description
I keep waiting for more notes to accentuate the work already done. IE, extra notes in most of the different bits would enhance the intellectual value.
3Artistic License Description
The samples work well with eachother, but I think you could have pushed your boundries more.
4Arrangement Description
Samples well balanced, and the panning is excellent.
5Sound Quality Description
as always, top notch sound quality
6Vocals Description
Acceptable voice samples 1 of which has an obvious sorce.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
It has an unfinished quality to it.

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