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Title: Ink and parchment
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Artist: bvanoudtshoorn
Genre: Classical/New Age: Classical (Orchestral)
Reviewed by: Tricky on February 10, 2009 (All reviews by Tricky)

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bvanoudtshoorn gave Tricky positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
"The most important part of music is not written in the notes" (quote from Gustav Mahler). Some pieces really show that, and this is one of the tracks that do. It is a very short one, and I truly wish it was longer, but in the short while that it lasts it takes up a feeling that picks you up and carries you through the track. A feeling that words can only spoil, so I suppose that if you don't want it to be spoiled you should stop reading my review at this point :)
2Arrangement Description
The track starts with pretty little and then it builds up to a climax, and then it goes out slowly again. The right instruments are added at the right moment to make the feeling more intense. Not to fast, not to slow, everything happens precisely at the right moment so that the feeling builds up inside you to the climax, and then it quickly fades away.
The only flaw I can name is that this piece is pretty short, but that's only a minor one (not enough for me to reduce the rating). even it it's short length it carries the mood pretty well but for me I had the feeling that just when I felt the music had complete power over me it fades away to its end. I just wanted to experience that feeling a little longer.
3Sound QualityDescription
No complaints here. I think that the right instruments were taken for the job. The instruments sound clear to me, and they do the job they were intended for. So I'm very satisfied.

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