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Title: Thinking
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Artist: thekhin
Genre: Rock/Pop: Pop
Reviewed by: VOiD on June 28, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Very pleasant electronic pop tune that manages to be bouncy and melancholic at the same time. After all, the best pop songs are the bittersweet ones, right? Due to some production issues and a lack of variation I was actually a little torn in the beginning as to whether I should award 3 or 4 stars to this song, but the professional sound and confident arrangement easily won me over after a couple of listens.
2Creativity Description
Not necessary groundbreaking stuff, but there's definitely a lot of nice ideas present here. The song does become a little repetitive; fortunately the relatively short song length means it never really becomes a major drawback.
3Arrangement Description
Again, not really groundbreaking, just solid craftsmanship through and through. There is very nice progression in intensity throughout, and the instruments complement each other really well. I wouldn't mind a little more variation, but that's really a minor issue.
4Sound Quality Description
All the samples are not top notch; the bass and drums in particular could do with a little updating. Apart from that, I can find little fault with the sound here. There is sufficient stereo spread, good EQ and dynamics and the overall sound is attractive and professional.
5Vocals Description
The lead vocals are quite well produced and the singer has a very pleasant voice which is well suited to this sort of music. The lyrics are a little outside the average run-of-the-mill pop lyrics, which is always good.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
It sure does. It has a melody that sticks in your head, which really is the ultimate test of any pop song.

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