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Title: Red Ashes
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Artist: Gazus Snake
Genre: Alternative/Punk: Metal
Reviewed by: VOiD on June 29, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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Gazus Snake gave VOiD positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
A very good, moody song which is marred by muddy production and some lack of variation. I was very unsure whether to call this song a weak 4 stars or a strong 3 stars - in the end I decided on the latter; it seems obvious to me that the composer of this song has sufficient skill to improve on this, and that the song's apparent faults are not due to lack of skill. If Gazus Snake had spent another day or two on this track I'm confident that it could have sounded even better.
2Creativity Description
This is a song with some nice ideas throughout. It doesn't break new ground, but it sure doesn't flog old ideas to death either. Some of the guitar work is really good.
3Arrangement Description
There is good use of dynamics in this song, and the transitions are generally smooth and well executed. However, occasionally some of the samples will fall slightly off the beat, which sounds sloppy and is something that could be improved upon. Also, some of the sections are a little bit too long - not by much, mind; just enough that I catch myself thinking that the arrangement might have been just that little bit tighter.
4Sound Quality Description
The drums sound a bit too "distant" in comparison to the rest of the instruments, and the guitars and bass sound too woolly, making this sound a little like a demo version of this song. Apart from that, I think the composer really has done his best to coax what he can from these samples; the overall soundscape comes across as well balanced and nicely produced. With crisper samples this would have been a sheer pleasure to listen to, I'm sure.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
Well, it does; but I wouldn't mind a future remake of this one - it has the potential to become really great!

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