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Title: Hedgehog Mantra
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Artist: Screaming Egg Notion
Genre: Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Reviewed by: Zan on May 26, 2009 (All reviews by Zan)

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1Overall Description
Any track glorifying the life of Hedgehogs gets A+ in my book. Screaming Egg's Hedgehog Mantra is one of the more unique tracks that Screaming Egg has produced largely cause it is absent of abstract club or dub beats. That does not subtract from it's quality, but actually gives it more punch. Hedgehog produces a hypnotic marching tune for entranced rodents that could also have the effect of producing a pied piper effect on humans.
2Creativity Description
Very unique as always for a Screaming Egg release. However this one is unique amongst Screaming Egg, as stated above. It works well. The pulsating beat helps to set up the deep trance that envelops at the end.
3Artistic License Description
Yes. A unique vision and a unique creation. Everything is nicely blended. This would make quite the tasty milkshake.
4Arrangement Description
As stated in creativity, the intro helps set up the end very well. It's gets you active and when you become hypnotized by the "bum-bum-bum" your mind is washed away by the atmospheric vocal samples washing across the speakers and then your mind is turned into tasty slush.
5Sound Quality Description
6Vocals Description
Great choice of vocal samples. If Hedgehogs spoke, I could see them sounding like this.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
Screaming Egg is Screaming Egg and that's cool.

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