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Title: Imploding Bread
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Artist: Screaming Egg Notion
Genre: Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Reviewed by: Zan on June 01, 2009 (All reviews by Zan)

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1Overall Description
One would think imploding bread is a bad thing, but according to this track its quite fluffy. This is one of Screaming Egg's more upbeat tracks, as the bass drum is laid back and the synths are very light and mesmerizing. It's cloaked in a fine thin cloud, but more like a morning fog than a grave site mist. It lacks in strong variation, but it's not really a weakness for the track... you do wonder if Screaming Egg could of taken more risk with the production, but the stable and upbeat mood of the piece keeps it a fun and entertaining listen. So I come back in a week and get Screaming Egg again in my review queue... ah well, more easy reviews for me to write, darn!
2Creativity Description
To call Screaming Egg uncreative is like saying bread makes terrible sandwiches.
3Artistic License Description
I wanting an octave raise or something to bring the piece home, the interlude of the synth in the middle is a nice addition, but I was wanting to go farther... maybe I'm wishing for too much? This is an entertaining listen, but lack of variation makes me wonder if more could of been done to give it more of a punch. Though the bouncy synth with the vocal makes this track stick out amongst the rest of Screaming Egg's work. Everything works together and the selection of samples is a good one.
4Arrangement Description
Screaming Egg has an ear for balance in sound and it shows in this. Though for more about this consult Artistic License.
5Sound Quality Description
Top notch.
6Vocals Description
The vocals are an excellent selection for the track, the little of them they are, but the addition of a robotic chorus line is very amusing.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
If your Eggs were Screaming at you, what Notion would you have?

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