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Title: Growing Bubble
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Artist: Mad Alien
Genre: Electronica: Techno
Reviewed by: Ice9 on June 07, 2009 (All reviews by Ice9)

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1Overall Description
This has a good experience at the electronica beats but as I am coming to find that keeping the same synthetics throughout the songs of acid/techno works is important for constancy of the song as a unit of creative work. with out that constancy the song/sounds are more experimental .,, this has the feeling of two songs combined as a result of the change in instrumented beats.
2Creativity Description
A very well developed as a creative work that is acidicly/ascetically pleasing to the experienced electronica listener.
3Artistic License Description
The Mad Alien took license in the instrument work but needed to focus and if the word is harvest? the idea of cross synthetic sound breaks into the limits and just further expand and collapse the beats and tempos.
4Arrangement Description
As this is arranged into two segments of with the instrumentation mapped different at the end around 3:43 it is here that the works seems non-organic in its effectual and within electronica still there needs to be the organic element here or there with human or human like dialogue (maybe.)
5Sound Quality Description
Most excellent sound and the blends are most effective as the tunings are ideally done and well into a workable results.,
It might need a sample or two?
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
Such a very nice distribution of arpeggios the beating base/low-drum works to create the centering and grounding of the piece that makes it tight and gathered together intelligently.

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