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Title: Licking Glass Houses
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Artist: Zan
Genre: Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Reviewed by: Ice9 on June 07, 2009 (All reviews by Ice9)

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1Overall Description
It is mostly otherly tasty and into otherwise and you seem to be growing in the level of artist skills. As I went into this the repeating of words/sounds causes the workings work well very well.
2Creativity Description
It is most creative but this still needs an off element or the tension of a mistake in the workings of it to be 'other' then mainstream.
3Artistic License Description
This needs a frictional rip through it or something similar to cause chaos and discord here it is as if everyone is licking a glass house these days.
4Arrangement Description
While this song is put together very well... more descriptively the cuts are not noticed but are there and the makeup is developed as this works with the samples in a timely fashionable effect, yet the samples can be reordered for a remix/make of the song into two or three new cuts of this.
5Sound Quality Description
Yes I hear the samples and ther are pleasing to hear. a most enjoyable quality.
6Vocals Description
As the voices are best arranged in a layered fashion rather then linear. This linear effect is normal for most electronica.. layering of them with the sounds may give the piece and other type of genre.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
As there should be more to it although that would require more time and effect this piece works but needs more of that which is working.

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