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Title: Wabi-Sabi
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Artist: krakit
Genre: Classical/New Age: Classical (Piano)
Reviewed by: clones on June 21, 2010 (All reviews by clones)



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1Overall Description
This sounds like a performed piano solo and I will go forward with that in mind. If played the ability of the left hand is excellent. Overall a lot of fireworks here but when you examine it the substance is not really there - a collection of themes from the 70's strung together with florid passages.
2Creativity Description
The immediate general impression is the sound of the Keith Emerson piano solo in Take A Pebble - Until the descending baseline which is so 70's - If you look deeper into the composition there are a lot of very predicable bass lines - not even necessarily chord progressions - in succession.
3Artistic License Description
It sounds like the performer may push personal playing limits for what I think must be an improvisational performance.
4Arrangement Description
This makes a good first impression but on a 2nd listen it is apparent there isn't depth to the composition which is why I think it is an improvisation.
5Sound Quality Description
Excellent quality - but doesn't sound acoustic - my presumption is the performer is using a very expensive digital piano.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
Sure it works as a piece of music but utterly avoids breaking any new ground - or weave any depth as I'd expect from a true classical piece of music.

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