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Title: Black Widow
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Artist: Simian Itch
Genre: Rock/Pop: Rock
Reviewed by: DARI9 on July 03, 2011 (All reviews by DARI9)

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Simian Itch gave DARI9 positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
With a lowering and correction of the DC-Offset it would be a nifty piece of work, sounds like a mix between oldstyle godflesh(Industrial metal)and oldstyle Twice a man(psychadelic synthrock),and i do not agree with the author that his singing is bad, it actually suites this type of music very well.
2Creativity Description
It is very mushy piece of work, but even though the author has separated the different instruments quite nice so you actually hear them individually(a prob i have myself s.t),all in all quite well done.
3Artistic License Description
4Arrangement Description
5Sound Quality Description
6Vocals Description
The vocals fit this genre very good!
7Does it work as a piece of music Description

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