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Title: Rezo y Disparo - Praying and Shooting
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Artist: Likuid
Genre: Other: Instrumental
Reviewed by: VOiD on June 29, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
A very relaxed-sounding song featuring a couple of synths and some sparse percussion. Some sound issues and a lack of variation are the major issues I have with this song, otherwise it has nice potential.
2Creativity Description
Even for a short piece, there isn't enough variation. The song employs the same chord structure throughout, which will get boring pretty quickly no matter how interesting the chords may be. Varying the chords, playing around with dynamics or introducing a different lead, maybe breaking things up with a bridge in a different key - these are the kind of things I think would have helped to freshen up the song.
3Arrangement Description
The panned synth sound that is used throughout is too loud, which is a pity, because it could sound quite nice. Keep in mind that a sound that moves left-right-left-right all the time is bound to grab your attention more than sounds that stand still, even if the moving sound is of a lower volume. This is also what happens here. And when the synth sound grabs your attention, having it just stop without preparing the listener in any way sounds a little clumsy. On an up note, much is done right in this song, too. Most instruments are nicely balanced, and I like how an organ (Hammond?) phrase freshen things up a little now and then.
4Sound Quality Description
The sparseness of the soundscape means you have to use really high-quality sounding instruments, as any flaws in the sound will jump out very clearly. In my opinion, the instruments used here, though not bad, could have been better. Also, there's not enough overall stereo width, although I can hear that some effort is made to alleviate this - both a minus and a plus on that count. ;)

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