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Title: Slatka opsesija-viche
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Artist: viche
Genre: Rock/Pop: Rock
Reviewed by: harbinger on May 18, 2012 (All reviews by harbinger)



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1Overall Description
Notes as i'm listening:

Download and keep it. Perhaps our esteemed rockers can leave us a translation of the lyrics (as well as the words in their language).
2Creativity Description
The opening theme is catchy and repeated throughout. The chord sequences are well-designed, and the only thing that could have made them better are more classic transitions between the sections.
3Artistic License Description
4Arrangement Description
5Sound Quality Description
The garage-like engineering makes the music "real" and brings it into your room, and the levels are pretty decent.
6Vocals Description
Can't understand the lyrics, but that's okay; i can tell it's well-constructed and typical for garage rock. The poetic rhythm is classic rock, and hey, i understand one line -- Slatka Opsesija, "Sweet Obsession".
7Does it work as a piece of music Description

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