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Title: Scorched
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Artist: Encrypted Transmission
Genre: Electronica: Industrial
Reviewed by: Tyr on July 01, 2007 (All reviews by Tyr)

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Encrypted Transmission gave Tyr positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
Giving this song a 3 does not at all mean I don't like it. There is just so much room for improvement.
This song is a definate fixer upper, with a bit better mixing, less repatativity and more elements, this would be kickass.
2Creativity Description
Very nice combo of industro drums and rumbly basses. Got a gloomy kinda dark feel that is definately a good show
3Sound Quality Description
Bass was a bit rumbling and muddy and drums a bit too reverbed. Although their long (fx)duration gave them space, it cluttered the mix.
4Does it work as a piece of music Description
Yes, I definately would even put it on my sterio for a calm track if the mixing was a bit better, however the mud in the bass kinda makes it impossible to listen to many times. The speakers kinda howl and growl in a way they are not supposed to

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