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Title: Holy Wood
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Artist: aGp
Genre: Electronica: Other
Reviewed by: VOiD on July 01, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
This short, upbeat song has a nice idea behind it, but features a number of drawbacks that unfortunately gets in the way.
2Creativity Description
The idea behind the song is quite good, and the sound clips are all from movies we know and love. However, there isn't much more to the song than the basic premise, and it actually ends up a little boring, even for its short song length; it needs a whole lot more variation. A big plus for how the song changes from action/Ocean's 11-style sound to more horror-like as a sample from Dracula is played, that one brought a smile to my face.
3Arrangement Description
The song features the same chord sequence all the way through, with little variation. No matter how interesting the sequence may be, this will eventually become tedious. Like I mentioned above, I'd really like more variation to shake things up a bit - at the moment the song has no noticable progression from beginning to end, it just hangs there for a while before it just stops. There is also a very thin sound to the song, which ultimately makes it less attractive to listen to. Most of the movie quites also sound like they're just haphazardly thrown into the mix with little consideration, with the exception of the Dracula one, of course.
4Sound Quality Description
Most samples here don't have nearly enough depth to them, and the song overall features a very "tracked" sound. Better samples would probably vastly improve this song. The stereo spread could also be improved upon; all movie sounds are in the left channel, the drums are positioned firmly to the right and this becomes somewhat of an annoyance after a while.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
Like I said earlier, this sounds like a nice idea, but it ends up poorly executed. I'm sure there is potential here, but a lot more attention needs to be put into the details.

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