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Title: Olga i england
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Artist: Qumran
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Bitpop/Chiptune
Reviewed by: VOiD on July 02, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Nice, upbeat little chip song that is hampered by sound quality issues and a slight lack of variation. But really worth the listen if you're into chiptunes.
2Creativity Description
There are quite a number of nice ideas present in this track, as could be expected - a chipsong is, after all, all about melody and melodic finesse. I keep finding myself wanting a bit more, though, as some of the parts sound slightly drawn out and could have done with some tightening.
3Artistic License Description
Well, these are for the most part chip instruments, and that says they're not top quality to begin with. What's worse is that these are a bit low-quality chip instruments, and there's a lot of hiss and distortion going on. When these instruments are used in a way that brings out their flaws in even sharper relief, I feel that I must object to it. There are a lot of better-sounding chip instruments out there, and I think the composer ought to have dug a bit deeper to find them before he chose the ones he ultimately did use.
4Arrangement Description
It's obvious that the composer has a good grasp of harmony, and there are plenty of examples of pleasant polyphony throughout. There are some disharmonies, but none that sound unplanned or out of place. The tempo change halfway through is quite nicely done, but starting the song one way and ending it another way also makes this sound like this was two different songs that at some point were fused into one. Also, I think a fadeout is not a very clever way to end any song, and more so when we're dealing with a song that showcases a good grasp of composing in other areas.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
Behind the facade of low-quality instruments lie a couple of nice little tunes, and these are for the most part quite enjoyable to listen to.

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