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Title: Battle Tune #1 - The Fairy Tale
Artist: Tricky
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Game
Reviewed by: VOiD on July 03, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Sloppily made "battle" tune that could have benefitted from a total overhaul.
2Creativity Description
The song is only 47 seconds long, and although there is naturally very little repetition throughout, most of the ideas featured herein sound a bit too arbitrary to be the result of much forethought. A plus for the apparent attempt to create a recognisable melody, however.
3Artistic License Description
If this is a battle tune, then how do the other songs sound? Although the rhythm is hectic enough to fit with the hectic feel of a battle, the tune itself sounds far too "happy" to evoke much of that battle feeling.
4Arrangement Description
Well, the arrangement does stay within the boundaries of harmony, but only just. The sample playing at 0:17 is completely out of tune with the rest of the arrangement, though, and sounds very jarring. Also, the song has no real progression whatsoever. I am aware that it's composed to be a backing track, but it could still have slight fluctuations in intensity throughout. In addition the song just fades out and ends with no real feeling of closure.
5Sound Quality Description
This is obviously a tracked song, and features not only 8-bit tracker samples, but 8-bit samples of extremely low quality. Every sample features a high amount of hiss, and absolutely no depth to the bass. If the composer wants to keep the file size down to an absolute minimum - may I suggest ownloading a chip tune with decent sound to it, and using those samples instead?
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
No. I'm sorry to say this, but this song sounds very sloppy. I don't think I'm far off the mark when I say that the composer couldn't possibly have worked very long on this nor put his best efforts into it. My best advice would have to be to choose better samples and do another try - on the up side, it can probably only go upwards from here! :)

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