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Artist: mickrip
Genre: Other: Instrumental
Reviewed by: VOiD on July 03, 2007 (All reviews by VOiD)

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1Overall Description
Two closely mic'ed acoustic guitars in beautiful harmony playing a serene melody that picks up in intensity throughout. Overall, however, this song sounds like a diamond cut to shape, but not yet given the final polish.
2Creativity Description
This is great stuff, the arrangement is well thought out and is obviously done with considerable skill. Damping the strings towards the end was a particularly nice touch and gave that extra bit of punch towards the end.
3Artistic License Description
For all its beauty, this song sounds like it was played live, and there are a number of small errors in the guitar playing that sound a bit sloppy. When you are doing a studio version, it is often a good idea to go back and redo the most obvious misses. That is really my only major objection with this song, and is discussed in greater detail below.
4Arrangement Description
Very well arranged song, and despite consisting of only two acoustic guitars I don't feel that anything is really missing from the overall sound scape. The guitars are also done with a level of skill that makes them consistently interesting to listen to, and there is good dynamic development from beginning to end. This song - despite obviously the result of careful melodic planning - also has a very spontaneous feeling to it, which is both a good and a bad thing in this case. A lot of the time it sounds to me like the two guitars aren't completely in sync; that this happens once or twice is fine and makes the recording more human, but it actually occurs here and there all the way through the song and ends up giving this song the feeling of a demo version.
5Sound Quality Description
The sound is nearly top-notch, and I absolutely love to the crispness and clarity and "twang" of each string. There are two small reasons why I didn't award 5 stars in this category, however: first of all, the guitars could have been separated a bit more in the stereo picture; the solo guitar sounds like it's too close to the center and this is very noticable when listening in headphones. Because each guitar plays arund the same areas of the fretboard they sometimes become a little bit muddled, and should have been separated more to give them more space and bring them out more clearly. The other issue is that the rhythm guitar sounds very mono, ie. it doesn't have enough "width" to my ears. A good idea could be to master each of the separate guitar tracks and give them more stereo widening before combining them to one piece.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
It sure does, it's a gorgeous piece of guitar work and performed with skill and confidence.

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