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Title: The Library
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Artist: TiLT
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Soundtrack
Reviewed by: roncli on July 05, 2007 (All reviews by roncli)

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1Overall Description
A dark orchestral track, with a solid arrangement and above average sound quality that comes together to form the perfect atmosphere for some old, creepy library. A bit too bass heavy and not the most creative piece, but the song is certainly enjoyable to listen to.
2Creativity Description
The weak point of this piece is the creativity. While there are some nice musical ideas in here, the purpose of the instrumentation is to create a dark mood, and the artist successful did that. It's almost unfair to have to judge the creativity of this piece, simply because there is an effect the artist is going for, and doesn't need to get creative to achieve it.
3Artistic License Description
Addressing two of the questions for this section, first the artist does not need to push any limits here, there's something the artist wants, and he achieves it quite well. The second, the samples work well together, but to me there seems to be far too much bass in the sound, to the point where it gets just a little rumbly and disrupts the overall mix. The piano especially sounds like it's really far away, when it sounds as though it is supposed to be driving the piece onward. A bit of additional separation in the sounds could help this section out a lot. These are quite minor issues taken with the song overall, however, as the arrangement easily outshines the issues.
4Arrangement Description
Again, the artist attempted to achieve a sound, and the arrangement is where that happens. Strings layered on top of strings with a piano moving the piece along, and an oboe playing in the second half really sets a dark mood that can't be shaken. The arrangement also gives a sense of urgency, as if time is of the essence for something to be finished. Overall, a fantastic arrangement, great transitions, no flaws of any kind to be found.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
This absolutely works as a piece of music. Despite its short playing time, it actually sounds like a complete piece of music that can be divided into two parts, one without the oboe and one with. The sound quality issue does not detract from this song's enjoyment at all.

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