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Title: Nos veran saludando desde tan alto
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Artist: Likuid
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: TiLT on July 06, 2007 (All reviews by TiLT)

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Likuid gave TiLT positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
This track has some neat ideas and executes them with a respectable amount of success, though there are a few issues that keep it from being truly memorable.
2Creativity Description
There's nothing groundbreaking with this piece. It touches on familiar ground with sweeping pads and a piano to drive the piece forward. It could do with a few more original touches. As it is right now, it doesn't surprise at any point.
3Artistic License Description
The samples used here do work pretty well together for the most part. Each instrument stands out in the mix without any significant overlap with the others. There are two problems that stand out however: First and foremost is the distinct lack of bass. Yes, there are some deep pads occasionally, but they don't do enough to fill out the lower EQ spectrum. A nice, deep bass does wonders for this kind of music and could also serve as a counterpoint to the main theme. Another big problem is that the artist uses a sweeping phased pad that isn't synched up to the track's tempo. This means that the phase's "climax" appears at different times in every bar, distracting and annoying the listener.
4Arrangement Description
The melody is straightforward, but works okay within the context of the piece. The artist sometimes employs questionable harmonic layers, creating tension that isn't dealt with properly. This leaves me feeling somewhat unsatisfied with the melodic progression. The introduction of the drums works very well and is probably the highlight of the track, even though their presence should probably be reduced so as to not be so overpowering. After the drums have been introduced there is little else that happens in the piece, putting the listener somewhat off-balance by having the "climax" appear so early.
5Sound Quality Description
The instruments aren't bad at all. Their sound quality is for the most part very good, being only limited by the effects employed by the artist. If there's one thing I would ask the artist to consider adding to the sounds, it's a delay effect to the piano. This kind of ambient music almost requires the piano to have both massive reverb and delay (probably more of the latter). Without the delay you get the impression that the piano was recorded in a tiny room, which doesn't do the track justice.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
It does work as a piece of music, especially considering the genre, though it's not memorable enough. The melody does stick for a while after listening to the track though, but I doubt I will remember it tomorrow.

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