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Title: Born to Fly
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Artist: ST Arts
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Demostyle
Reviewed by: slammy on July 09, 2007 (All reviews by slammy)

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ST Arts gave slammy positive feedback for this review.
slammy responded: Thanks! :)



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1Overall Description
This is a great revist to some of the wonderful cheese inspired 80's synthesizer music, which inspired a whole generation of musicians, myself included!. EXCESS CHEESE WARNING!!! Yes, this track has vox lyrics, gated high note pads, and uber cheese leads. If you dislike cheese, stay well clear!!! However, most people secretly like cheese, and should probably like this too!.
2Creativity Description
As a whole, it's not done much to push the envelope - lets face it, we've all heard a million 80's synth tracks which almost the same! however, the vocals are pretty funny, and had me smiling, and the lead? well, the lead is darn awesome!. It was also refreshing to hear such music in well into the 2000's, and I secretly really enjoy it!.
3Arrangement Description
Arrangment is very good. ST Arts knows what he's doing for sure, it flows really well from start to finish, with excellent cheese leads, and uber 80's edam!. The mixing is ok, although, because of the style of music, dont expect deep basslines, because there aint any! Everything is nicely audiable though!.
4Sound Quality Description
Sounds like either lots of vintage 80's digital synths have been used here - might be VSTi's though, like FM7, or the newer FM8?. As mentioned in Arrangement, there are no low frequency sounds, which just adds to the 80's mayhem on show here. I enjoyed the sounds a heck of a lot.
5Vocals Description
The lyrics are brilliant! The vocals themself just add toi the overall feeling this track lays out. The Lyrics though... hahaha.. "I have born to fly" NO, it doesn't make sense at all, but it works so darn well in promoting European Extra Matured Cheese, and works brilliantly in this track!
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
Absolutely it works!. All those memories of the 1980's came flooding back as soon as it started, and it kept me enthralled until the end! Nice work!
Jul 10 2007 1:50 pm
by ST Arts

Thanks for the nice review slammy, glad you like this 'edam'! :)

Jul 09 2007 2:55 pm
by slammy replying to roncli

Thanks! You've just given me a great title for a future release!

Jul 09 2007 2:28 pm
by roncli

Apparently slammy believes in the concept of "closet cheesers". :)