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Title: Window In the Sky (part 3)
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Artist: Louigi Verona
Genre: Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Reviewed by: slammy on July 09, 2007 (All reviews by slammy)

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Louigi Verona gave slammy positive feedback for this review.
slammy responded: Thanks :)



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1Overall Description
The track starts out with a floaty apreggio-type thing, but very mystical... Sets a nice atmosphere for the entire track. Has excellent spoken word samples throughout, which add a great atmosphere in itself. Takes you to a nice place!
2Creativity Description
Louigi really pushed the envelope I feel with this track, it's certainly different from other tracks I've heard from him, notably The Breeze Dance, which has a 'world' theme to it. Then again, I've not listened to nearly enough Louigi Verona, and I should!. It kept me entangled in it's web of wonder throughout the entire piece. I have mentioned this before somewhere, but the bassline is very JMJ, I have to point out! This track wouldn't have sounded out of place somewhere in the middle of Oxygene!.
3Arrangement Description
The arrangement I wouldn't change a thing, it flows extremely well, making subtle changes only when needed, and then, only to just drag one further into the tune. The way Louigi played it out, is to leave you with the sense of great anticipation of a kick ass beat to drop in at any given moment - It never does and this actually works in the tracks favour of keeping interest, all the way through. Each element is balanced perfectly!.
4Sound Quality Description
Mostly awesome, a niggly clip at the beginning with the boom - but it doesn't take away from the whole track!.
5Vocals Description
The spoken words fit the track perfectly, adding more mystery to the whole piece.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
Absolutely this piece works as a music. That anticipation of a kick ass beat is what kept my interest to the extreme with this track, and no, I wasn't disappointed when it didn't arrive, I simply thought 'fantastic work Mr Verona'
Jul 10 2007 1:17 am
by Louigi Verona

Thanks slammy! Your liking this track really supported me during the period of heavy criticism I got after the release of this track!