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Title: Mother F*cker
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Artist: toxi
Genre: Electronica: Progressive
Reviewed by: TiLT on July 11, 2007 (All reviews by TiLT)

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1Overall Description
This track shows that the artist has the potential to make some great music with practice, but in itself it fails to inspire. There are two main flaws here, first and foremost being the complete and utter lack of a bass instrument. This kind of music pretty much requires a bass instrument to supplement the rhythm, if nothing else. The lack of it sticks out as a sore thumb. Another problem is that the so-called "machine-gun effect" is very audible here. With long stretches of the track consisting of short loops, you really need some kind of effect for variation. Right now everything sounds a bit monotonous. This is a strong 2-star track though.
2Creativity Description
Nothing truly new or inspired here. It's all been heard before. This section would have received a 3 if it wasn't for the repetitiveness of the track, which pulls it down slightly.
3Artistic License Description
I feel there are elements in this genre that the artist needs to take note of before making more music of this kind. As mentioned, bass is very important. There are also a few lead sections where there is a total lack of harmony. I would advice the artist to do some light study of harmonic theory. To truly push the limits of this piece, the artist would also have to apply effects like phasing, chorus, panning, etc.
4Arrangement Description
The arrangement is average. The sections flow well enough into each other, though there are no inspiring transitions here. There is no real development in the track either, with the sole exception of the final section where the rhythm becomes quite interesting and enjoying.
5Sound Quality Description
Seeing as the track was made in 1997, this is okay sound quality. I would love to hear some reverb and other effects, but one couldn't expect too much from this kind of music back then. More work could be done to bring out the best in each instrument, even if it was very subtle.
Despite the artist's description of the track, there are no vocals here. The only profanity is in the song title, which honestly could have been avoided. Profanity for profanity's sake is rarely a good idea.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
It's not horrible, and it's not good. It's possible to listen to it, though my enjoyment was limited because of issues already mentioned. If applied to, say, a combat situation in a game, this would work much better as you might not notice the blemishes.

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