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Title: NightSong
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Artist: brownsound
Genre: Other: Instrumental
Reviewed by: mysterium on July 15, 2007 (All reviews by mysterium)



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1Overall Description
A very cool chillout type track. However I felt that the main lead sound/synth was a bit too monotone. The guitar pieces seemed were too infrequent. Also vocals may have been appropriate with this track. However an overall great tune, I can't wait to hear more from brownsound.
2Creativity Description
Very creative, ambient/chillout type beat with tabla. I especially liked how the guitar was added at times.
3Arrangement Description
I loved the tabla and guitar mix, but the synth was a bit too heavy. The song could use some balance with some vocals or more guitar.
4Sound Quality Description
Very clean, good audio quality. The tabla is especially clear and the right sound level.

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