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Title: New June Day
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Artist: Likuid
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: skyway on July 23, 2007 (All reviews by skyway)

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Likuid gave skyway neutral feedback for this review.
skyway responded: well I think you should do some cutoff to it via freq filter.Because the bass appears somewhat hissy



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1Overall Description
While it feels that the author tried to put a lot of emotions into this one, it's not catchy. During all track we hear the same piano, bass, drums and pad. And, unfortunately, their sound is not good. The melody is changing too much - which makes it not to stick in mind.
One of the genre stated for this song is not true either. It's not an ambient.
2Creativity Description
Unfortunately this track is not catchy. Through the whole 4:40 mins of a track all the same piano goes. The melody of it is changing however, but that does not save it.
It needs to go off for some time, then return back. But not to be played during all the track.
3Artistic License Description
While it seems that the author tried to put much emotions in this production - things like instruments does not seem to work well together. For example bass is not fits quite well with the piano.
4Arrangement Description
The arrangement is not done well - for example transitions are not very noticable and do not stick in memory, also piano is panned to the left channel too much making the right one to feel emptier.
5Sound Quality Description
You can hear each instrument clearly, however the quality of them makes you wish for a better one. In a meaning that they sound like they were taken from some MIDI soundbank. The info placed in the track's mp3 tags states that it was made in 2001 - but the fact is - a software that gives better sound was available.
6Does it work as a piece of music Description
The production is constantly changing (too much even), but instruments do not. This makes for a dull track that does not stick to your mind. And given melody is not catchy.

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