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Title: Acousticophilia
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Artist: murdersgalore
Genre: Other: Instrumental
Reviewed by: Animal on July 28, 2007 (All reviews by Animal)

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murdersgalore gave Animal neutral feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
ATTENTION!!! Here comes a guy who understand it to crawl
under skin... (your skin...)
2Creativity Description
I see there is someone who compares with "Typo´"?!...O.k
I see a song who compares with the rest of MurdersG.´s songs.
For me it is very interesting to listen to it. I like this
powerful depressive compo.
But I can´t give you a 5. Why ?!?... I don´t know......sorry...Or...There is a section, a drumfilling at 02:56....aaaarrgghhh...and again......now I´m sure...you will tease me at 02:56...
3Artistic License Description
This is a very good metal production that goes without saying.
4Arrangement Description
In my ears... All smooth, balanced, transparent...good work.
5Sound Quality Description
Guitars, Drum, Strings and piano work very well.
6Vocals Description
This piece got a flow that works without vocals.
There is no problem to sing on it, I do so for my own...
(like Pete :))
But I don´t know whether the song is better with or without vocals...and...Is it important altogether ?
7Does it work as a piece of music Description

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